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P2P Carz is the platform for selling our buying used second hand cars founded by two bachmates of mechanical engineering
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Unique Visitors

P2Pcarz.Com® (A brand under Credit Wright Pvt Ltd.), is DPIIT recognised one of its kind Start-Up in Used Cars niche Co-Founded by Engineering Batch-mates, Top B-School Grads(IIFT, SPJIMR) who also are Auto-Industry veterans(Ex Maruti, Honda , Mahindra Channels) .

It’s essentially a 2 sided E-Marketplace which helps you guys (The Individual Used Car Buyers/Sellers) discover each other and transact safely through our unique platform.

Without the need of any intermediary....!! WoW!!

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Who are we?

P2PCarz.Com was originally conceived in 2015 and has evolved to its current form, learning it the hard way and the sole purpose of its existence today is to democratise the Used car market which we believe should be for the people, of the people and by the people. Our approach towards democratising the market is by simply allowing buyers and sellers to meet directly while we just streamline the process and mitigate the pain points faced by real people who are trying to work out a real used car deal in a peer to peer fashion.

We have evolved layered solutions to participants’ (Buyers/Sellers) real problems.

What we do?

With tech we support you on our platform in peer to peer deal discovery and safe transactions by bringing a spectrum of especially curated services at your fingertips (Literally too).

Services ranging from vehicle Valuation Report, Car & User’s Background check, Quality Certification, Deal Due Diligence, to providing Loan Facility, Insurance facility, RTO services and many more. This seeks to make your life a hell lot easy.

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Whats wrong with used car buying and selling today

The individual buyers and sellers going for a peer to peer deal struggle to find and conclude safely the deal on their own.

All the approaches to ‘Organise’ the highly fragmented market by the incumbents have not yielded satisfactory results. WHY??

Perhaps, the market itself does not want to get ‘Organised’ ...well not in the traditional sense of ‘Organised’ where organised means letting go of one’s economic power and losing money to middlemen/ intermediaries. In fact these approaches of incumbents have resulted in the stifling of potential sharing economy which could have been unleashed otherwise.

What the market really wants is that the processes get organised and the market gets democratised….. MDR

What are the current solutions and why they don’t work well ?

The Pre-Owned market has evolved different categories of middlemen over a period of time either on supply OR demand side, ranging from Infomediaries to Intermediaries to Mr.Mediary to Disturbediary (Pun Intended)

Various approaches to the current problems faced by incumbents are positioned on various extremes.

Most of the existing solutions can be categorised as various degrees of gatekeepers who are adding layers of intermediaries between buyers and sellers and thereby eating away a part of their margins.

mission and vision of P2P Carz

Our Mission/Vision

P2PCarz® is on a mission to solve the multifarious pain points faced by industry stakeholders in the whole supply chain of pre-owned cars including customers or end users by leveraging technology and through innovation in ways of doing business.

“Disruption on the first day always looks like a toy “ - Steve Blank.

The Market and Our Unique Positioning

Fundamentally we define the market as a group of people with similar needs / desires .This group of people is nobody but you as a seller(Owner) of the Used Car and the potential Buyer(Seeker) of this car and you guys have all the rights to know & interact with each other .

In our definition of market, the Internet should enable you to do so without the need to be getting ripped apart by the incumbent Middlemen.

Unfortunately the gross neglect of this very need of the Buyers and Sellers and inefficient recognition of these people as the real Market, the current approaches to solve inefficiencies in the Used Car space have drifted away from the core goal of empowering these people and has rather sprouted up a host of gatekeepers on the internet . We exist to democratize this scenario in a true fashion –by facilitating rather than gate keeping.

story of P2P Carz

Our incredible story of how got here...doing what we do