Hey Seller! Only an end user can give you the highest value of your Pre-Owned car.

As for Buyers….. Buying directly from the car owner is your best shot at eliminating middlemen

Ofcourse,we know that finding each other and concluding this transaction is a pretty risky and tedious endeavour.

Worry No More people! “We have created a Win-Win platform for both of you by reducing the risks and blind spots
typically associated with a Peer-2-Peer Used-Car deal”.

Interestingly enough it’s FREE and will always remain that way....it’s a promise !

About Us

(Its not About Us...its about You ...Seriously !!)

P2P Carz is a 2 sided E-Marketplace which helps you guys (The Individual Used Car Buyers/Sellers) discover each other and transact safely through our unique platform. Without the need of any intermediary

P2Pcarz.Com, is a unique marketplace platform brought to you by Engineers, and Auto-Industry veterans to help you discover each other and transact safely through our mobile App. We support you in the whole transaction process by bringing a whole spectrum of specially curated services at your fingertips (Literally too). Services ranging from vehicle Valuation Report, Car & User’s Background check, Quality Certification, Deal Due Diligence, to providing Loan Facility, Insurance facility, RTO services and many more. This seeks to make your life a hell lot easy.

Sell your car with P2P cars where you meet verified buyers for your used car

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sell my car

Sell your used car to a verified buyer to your used car with P2P carz

(Sell directly to End user)

Buy a used car with a verified seller and verified second hand car with P2P carz

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buy used car

buy second hand car in India with verified sellers with P2P Carz

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buy your second hand car or used car directly from the verified owner with P2P Carz where seller directly meets buyer

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Allied Services

struggling with allied service while buying second hand car or used car like insurance, RTO, used car loaning. We at P2P Carz are here to help you

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How it Works for you ?

Voila! We have eliminated not only the middleman, but also the hassles from the peer to peer deal. Our motto is “Aapas Mein Becho... AAraam Se !”

want to sell your used car, P2P carz are here to help you list your used car and sell your car to a verified buyer


Seller lists the car

search for a second hand or used car at P2P carz and meet verified sellers for your car


Buyer browses through the listing

P2P carz is here to end your car selling struggles directly meet the verified buyer for your used car at P2P carz


Buyer-seller make direct contact

P2P carz is here provide you a seamless car selling and buying process with verified buyers and sellers without any brokers or car dealers


We take care of the messy ground work

Sell your used car to a verified seller or buyer with P2P carz, a symbol of trust for your old cars


Enjoy your car deal

Allied Services

Buck Up Hustler! We have got your back while you hustle up to save money on used car deal. P2PCarz brings to your fingertips a host of concierge services to support your deal journey from...

Pre Deal to During Deal to Post Deal

Solving with Tech

P2PCarz has evolved multiple layers of technological solutions to your Points of Friction in the whole journey of buying or selling a Pre-Owned Car in a peer to peer deal.

P2P carz is your go to place for buying or selling your used second hand cars, we at P2P carz are leveraging latest technology to provide you the best in class services for buying and selling used car

Algo Based Match Making

Used Car Buying /Selling by definition is a territorial process , there’s always only an X number of users that you can physically meet /interact within your limited geographical reach. P2PCarz employs tech stacks of multiple algorithms and intelligence to bring the best match in terms of geography, location, registration states and most importantly price within your reach on our mobile platform. The beauty is that you don’t have to entertain spammers/scammers and brokers at all. We try to make sure that No Broker means No Broker.... only genuine end users are what you connect to; after all we know that you want to fetch better prices interacting with end users only in a safe and convenient manner. You Choose whom to connect with or not, the call control is in your hand!

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P2P carz is providing smart Browsing options on the platform to search for used second hand car or sell your used second hand car with ease

Smart Browsing

We know that it can be a daunting task to browse through plethora of Cars listed on any online platform while trying to find what you have in mind.P2PCarz presents Smart Browsing where the system learns your requirements basis your own inputs and interests and suggests the best matches on top .We do NOT sponsor any listings on our platform and you get to see what you want to.

Now we know that you need to zero in on a few vehicles from the list , P2PCarz has specially thought through filters and sorting criteria for the sake of your convenience and time saving on our platform.

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P2P carz is building an exhaustive Vehicle Portfolio to choose your upcoming used second hand car that suits best for your family needs and purchase directly from the seller itself

Exhaustive Vehicle Portfolio

We know that the sellers love to talk about their Cars after all it has been their companion for many good years, similarly buyers would want to see a lot of information about a car before proceeding any further upon investing their time in it.P2PCarz has designed for you an Exhaustive and easy to use Vehicle Portfolio page where you get to upload a lot of relevant details about your cars which can potentially add a great value to your Car listing. This is an offbeat approach from the incumbents where the listings are either too little or too confusing , P2PCarz has researched years and years on what Buyers want to see and we have sort of cracked the puzzle for you guys.

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P2P carz has made a list of allied services to sell or buy a used second hand car with very easy steps with one stop solution

Curated Allied Services

We understand that there are different sets of services that the Buyers/Sellers need in their journey from Listing to Delivery as the deal progresses. Years of research and first hand insights with thousands of customers in our own UsedCar Start-up journey over the last half a decade has helped us to culminate innovative solutions to hard problems of a used car transaction on a single platform in the shape of a lightly managed Allied Services . Something which incumbent approaches to Used Car Buying /Selling online were painfully missing thus far.

Be it the Trust-Deficit among participants OR Safety Issues while dealing with a stranger OR Vehicle Quality Analysis as well as Documents Due Diligence on vehicles & Buyers/Sellers etc. P2Pcars has aligned its platform and software solutions to seamlessly integrate with your journey of trying to Buy/Sell your used cars in a Peer to peer deal. It invariably makes the Buying /Selling more fun while saving you thousands of Rupees in discovering better prices.

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P2P carz has created a platform where buyers and sellers can directly communicate with each other and sell or buy the car at easy with full trust and avoid any third party brokers or dealers

Seller/ Buyer Connect

One of the most important parameters of success in a Peer to peer deal is correct match from both sides of Buyer /Sellers community. While most of the existing Used Car platforms today are taking extreme approaches of either taking your call control in their hands thus acting as a middlemen eating up your margins or at best spam up your inbox with plethora of spam enquiries which waste a lot of your time in vetting / chatting and meeting the Buyers/Sellers.

P2PCarz understands this pain point and allows you to take control of your listing in terms of whom do you allow to get in touch with you basis initial Bid range and the icing on the cake is that we allow you to directly connect with the users (Buyer/Sellers) at the other end of the deal when you want and both of you agree on an initial price range.

Good news is that it’s FREE of Cost for both of you and will stay that way as a matter of our strategy and policy.

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Looking for a used car loan, P2P carz will help you in securing used car loan with ease

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So , What are you waiting for ....If you are a Car owner wanting to sell your car directly to the end users within your area in a safe manner through a handheld guidance from an expert OR you are the Buyer who wants to buy a Used car directly from the owner with 3rd party quality and safety reports ....We are there for you ...Best Wishes to you Hustler!

P2P carz is a peer to peer used second hand cars selling platform P2P carz is a peer to peer used second hand cars selling platform
P2P carz is a peer to peer used second hand cars selling platform

Tips & Tricks

Insider tips to make the best out of this App for your Used Car deal


Hey you are not the only one having those doubts, check out below are frequently
asked questions by our real users.

P2P carz faq will clear all your doubts regarding used second hand car buy and sell

Listing the vehicle on our platform is completely safe & free and will always remain so ....it’s a promise!

A Car to be sold or bought is the Hero of the whole story and to do the justice to the footage that Heroes should get Our listing form is elaborate it has been carefully designed for helping buyers and sellers best communicate story of the vehicle with each other(Recommended). Still you can fill few mandatory details and the listing can still go Live (Not recommended)

We have tried to use as easy a lingo as possible for a general non technical lay user can also understand , also along with seemingly difficult terms the i icon carries definition . Still you face any difficulty you can get in touch with our team OR you can hire Valuation on Call Service from us where our professional technician will do the listing for you.

Ideally you first analyse the value of your car by comparing with a corresponding new car price OR with other vehicles listed on our platform of the similar model etc. You can also avail our Price Consultation Services (Its Free Of Cost). You have an option of marking your listing as Fixed Price OR Negotiable Price on our platform .If you opt to keep it negotiable, keep it within a range of not more than approx 10% only.

Your personal & KYC details are only asked as you progress in your deal journey on our platform that too only on a need to know basis. Rest assured All your data including KYC details , Account details, Vehicle details or preferences are completely safe and protected by Privacy Laws , we are not in a business of generating OR selling leads /DATA . As a matter of fact the other party (Seller/Buyer) also can only check your details after you have explicitly approved for the same.

Ideally it takes about 30 Days for a vehicle to be sold off on our platform but you should start getting leads or approaches from potential buyers within 7Days of listing, if it’s not happening following one of the three needs to be checked.
  1. Perhaps the price you have asked is way too high as compared to similar vehicles listed.
  2. The Listing is possibly incomplete and you have left too many fields unfilled, listing %age completion of 80% is recommended.
  3. 3.The Picture Quality of your vehicle is not up to the mark , it has been observed that listings with good picture qualities get more enquiries.

We as a platform is for the people by the people (individuals only). We have restricted the dealer fraternity to participate in the transaction and make sure that we keep monitoring user behaviour on our platform where we block spammers on our platform. As for the seriousness of a buyer , you have an option to open call lines with the buyer only after his initial bid offer seems within your expectation. Still should you face a nuisance, you can block/flag/report a profile and then we are after all just a call away.

Off course we realised that some of you may not be able to attend calls and give directions OR chat with prospective buyers specially on weekdays . Thus we offer you a Catalyst on Call service of using one of our trained team member as your 1st Go to Point for the buyer, we only share the curate list of users with you when they are in your expectation match zone.

Knowing the correct pricing of your used car purchase is although pretty subjective and should be seen as price versus value proposition than pure vanilla pricing. Still, arriving at a certain price band reflective of said model/ variant based on manufacturing yar, km running, RTO plate, one can arrive at a fair market value of their purchases. We suggest a horizontal ( from corresponding new car prices) and vertical analysis ( from corresponding Used car prices ) strategy. You can also avail our Price Consultation Services (Its Free Of Cost).

Careful reading of the Listing on vehicle Portfolio page will give you a fair idea about the quality of the vehicle, if you feel the Vehicle portfolio is incomplete or lacks relevant details you can ask the seller with the click of a button to upload more details. You can also avail our Valuation / Deal Due Diligence service for getting first hand authentic reports on the quality of vehicle as well as its service history, RTO records etc.

Once you have gone through the lisitng and really like the vehicle , you can make a Bid range offer basis your own price expectation (try keeping it real within +/- 10% of the price that you are ready to offer. This improves the chance of seller opening the call lines with you and then you can directly see the seller’s contact details and contact him directly.

At any point of your buying journey ,You can avail our Valuation / Deal Due Diligence service for getting first hand authentic reports on the quality of vehicle as well as its service history, RTO records etc. We will certify the Accidental Status and Meter Reading etc with our exhaustive research network.

Of Course you are free to take a technical person along when you visit the seller so that he can guide you on the quality parameters of the vehicle as a matter of fact we have a specialist service of Mechanic on Call that you can book for our technician to tag along with you on the appointment day.(In select cities at the moment)

Naturally you would want to be sure of your eligibility before you make a token etc to the seller, although the seller may not be inclined to hold her car for such period and might sell it off. As a solution you can opt to book the vehicle through our platform on our Booking Page and go for Escrow Services, that way you get the First right of rejection and your token is still safe with us. As for the Loan eligibility you can do a quick check on your eligibility on our Used car Loan Section. Read more in Escrow Services and Used car Loan Services

While we don’t create a friction in your deal by asking to mandatorily routing the funds through us but in all possibilities we have found that it’s advisable to route your payments through us in order to keep you safe and it’s convenient too. Its best for the overall experience of both genuine Buyers & Sellers .

You can make Wire Transfer , NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPIs, Cards Credit /Debit, Loans from banks ,we are discouraging handling cash at the moment as per policy.

We know that a Used car which is changing hands may have some overdue expenses, you can use our RF Estimates services to find out the estimated costs of the same , we can get you handheld with our preferred workshops on the jobs required.

You have an option in the Booking Form itself to capture the vehicle condition on booking date which you can match with the conditions on delivery date , once you are satisfied with all the Pre-Delivery checkpoints and mark the Deal as OK for Delivery , only then we transfer the rest of the payment to the sellers account

In cases where you are Booking through us , we will be necessarily undertaking the responsibility of RC Transfer etc so that both of you can relax and need not to go from pillar –to-post. Otherwise also we are open to assist you in Standalone RC transfer requests(in select cities at the moment)